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    Shop Updates

    • April 30, 2021 In-Person Ordering

      Starting May 1, 2021 we are happy to offer in-person ordering at both our Saint Louis and Nashville locations. Both cafes will offer outdoor seating weather permitting and Nashville will additionally have limited inside seating. Mask requirements are still in place and will be enforced for the safety of the Sump Coffee crew. We will unfortunately have to turn off our pre-order pickup and curbside service website until we can confidently provide you with the best coffee experience possible. 

      Thank you so much for your understanding and we hope to see you soon!

    • May 01, 2020 SERVICE POST COVID
      The future, I never saw you coming. Cafe life post COVID-19 will be about diversification of what defines service, product configuration, meeting guests where they want to be, staff and customer safety; which means evolving hospitality into something that is a bit more hostile and authoritarian. Now please allow me to unpack what I mean by all this. 
    • December 30, 2019 Oh, The Coffees We Saw. 2019 Year End Review (Abridged).

      As 2019 closes out, a tiny voice is whispering to me, leaning in saying ‘write a year in review for Sump’. A voice that has hereto been absent these last 8 years. I assume this voice has found its moment from the weight of the closing decade. Also, everyone get your roaring 20’s New Year’s Eve engines revved. 

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    • July 19, 2019 How to Cup Coffee Like You Know What You're Doing.

      For the uninitiated, cupping is a method for field testing various lots of coffee at origin. The gist is, you roast different coffees to perceptibly similar levels of roast color/development, grind them as uniformly as possible, and pour hot water over them in bowls. The coffee extracts by steeping, similar to how a French Press extracts coffee. After a few minutes, you break the crust of coffee grounds that form at the top of the bowl, scrape out any excess grounds from the top, and, as the coffee cools, begin slurping spoonfuls of coffee.

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