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COLOMBIA Didier Fierro

COLOMBIA Didier Fierro

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This week’s coffee is a single producer lot from Didier Fierro, a producer seen at roasteries in the Pacific Northwest like Case, Heart, Kuma, and Backporch. This was the sister lot out of Huila that we selected when sourcing the Luz Fierro. The cup is big and round with a full-bodied mouth feel. The red plum notes start at the top of the cup at temperature and pivot to a sweet and syrupy cup as it cools. Throughout the cup at all temperatures is a slightly savory florality and a clean spring earthtone that we find reminiscent of nasturtium - an edible flower. As always, we took a 1:15 brewing approach. To set the roast profile we used a 20g coffee-to-300 g water ratio in a 6 cup Chemex. Start your brew with a 2 to 1 bloom and a standard bloom rest of 45 seconds, then two small agitation pulses followed by two brewing pulses. The grind was medium-coarse, but only slightly coarse. We think the prominent body and ease of brewing provide a pleasant contrast to the Nicaragua from the prior Roaster’s Choice cycle. Please enjoy.

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