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**NEW** HONDURAS Ovidio Gomez

**NEW** HONDURAS Ovidio Gomez

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This offering is another honey processed coffee from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras, grown this time by long-time producer Ovidio “Machete” Gomez. Sharing much with our previous Honduran offering, this coffee is also a parainema varietal. Parainema is a hybrid variety created by IHCAFE (The Honduran Coffee Institute) by crossbreeding two Sarchimor varieties with the expressed purpose of developing resistance to leaf rust and nematodes. Its resistance to disease and pests has played a critical role in ensuring steady and consistent harvests for farms in Honduras, thus helping to maintain the livelihood of those who work tirelessly to produce the specialty coffee we enjoy every day. This is where the similarities end between our two Honduran coffees, however. Big approachable sweetness and earthiness carry this coffee, with dominant notes of chocolate malt and caramelized pear. A hint of citrus is also present, rounding out the cup and making for a very pleasant daily driver.  

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