The Regions Within Ethiopia

The Regions Within Ethiopia

New to the bar, at both our St. Louis and Nashville locations, are two distinctly different coffees from Ethiopia.

First of these two coffees, the Chelbessa hails from the Yirgacheff region of Ethiopia. Farmers from the smaller Gedo region in Yirgacheff bring their small crops to the Chelba washing station where the coffee is then processed and packaged for transportation to the capital, Addis Adaba. Farmers in Ethiopia traditionally will bring their harvest to their local mill or washing station making accountability more difficult and traceability to the individual farm next to impossible. This is how many coffees are named in Ethiopia, after their local mill that the farmers all contribute to.  Each farmer that brings their crop to this station own on average 2 hectares of land to produce coffee.

This washed Ethiopia is replacing our incredibly popular Ethiopia Reko.  For many, myself included, coffees from Ethiopia were the first to jump out as different and unique in the world of coffee. Look for notes of mixed berries, a nice sweetness in the body, and a lush finish.

Our second Ethiopia to make its way onto the bar is the Ethiopia Hambela. This coffee originates from the Oromia region in the Guji zone of Ethiopia, the southernmost part of the country. This coffee is a naturally processed coffee.  Through this processing method, you will notice a heavier emphasis on darker fruits, a mint finish, and plenty of meyer lemon throughout the cup.

This coffee has found its way onto the espresso bar at our St. Louis location and will make an appearance in Nashville shortly. This coffee has cemented itself as a must have in milk drinks. Swing by our shop and try a cortado and notice how this coffee takes on more milk chocolate and blueberry notes when paired with milk.

And for any fans of Perennial Artisan Ale the Hambela will be featured in the 2017 version of Coffee Abraxas. It has made a stunning cold brew in the shop and will certainly make itself known in this popular stout as well.

Come in and get a bag of each Ethiopia and see the differences for yourself. Now available at St. Louis and Nashville locations as well as our online shop.

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