Lamenting the Lost Potential of the Limu and Ringing In a New Season with the Reko; or “Are you bringing back the espresso tonic or what?”

One of the primary goals of our blog posts is to keep you up to date on the menu we are constantly creating in an engaging manner. That being said, one of the goals of this post is to inform you that we now have the Espresso Tonic drink back...

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Nashville Coffee Fest Weekend


Here it is, very tardy Nashville Coffee Fest post from several weeks back. Enough time has passed so that all the details have blurred into a collect myth (all of which I swear is true and not fake) on how we won the espresso competition and threw a baller party in Nashville.

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Best of Cauca Colombia Trip (Part 2)

Cheers and shouts (some taunts too) of ‘higher’ (in Spanish) from the assembled crowd accompanied each lot up for auction. The atmosphere was electric. The top lot went to one of the buyer's from South Korea, Coffee Libre. Pil, from Coffee Libre, had won the top lot from last year's auction. His bidding technique included several poker 101 strategies -including wearing sunglasses to avoid any tells. The pricing on the top lot closed just beyond $22 a pound. Since I knew he paid over $30 a pound the year before I wasn't going to provide any really challenge to his run at the top lot. My paddle stayed locked in my lap.

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Best of Cauca Colombia Trip (Pt 1)

Last September we had the good fortune to participate in a very special annual coffee auction descriptively named Best of Cauca. The Best of Cauca is now an annual event established by Cafe Imports (a US headquartered coffee importer) and Banexport (a Colombia based coffee mill and exporter). This year's event included coffee buyers from six different countries (Russia, Colombia, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, and the US). Banexport selected the top 31 single estate lots and the top10 (give or take a lot or two, my memory is spotty here) regional select lots from over 2000 small farm submissions.

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That sweet cuppa Kenya

For us it’s always a very special and precious time of year when the current Kenya crop of green coffee arrives at our roastery. This year’s Kenya crop is no exception.

A Kenya coffee on the cupping table always stands out for its complex sweetness and vibrant fruit acidity.  Kenya’s unique climate and geography, notable varietals and unique processing has lead to the country’s well deserved reputation of producing truly exceptional coffee. (continue reading)

Say It Three Times Fast: Huehuetenango, A New Guatemala in the Shop

Our newest seasonal offering comes to us from Guatemala. Coffees from Guatemala can have a wide range of flavours from heavy and rich to bright, fruity and complex. This coffee is grown in the Huehuetenango region of the country which is protected from frost with hot dry wind coming from the north. Huehuetenango has the highest non-volcanic mountains in Central America which are particularly well suited for coffee production.

guatemala huehuetenango cafe imports coffee

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Song Tea Party

Like cat people and dog people, society tends to diametrically oppose coffee people and tea people as if it were impossible to enjoy both. Truth be told, before I became more involved in the coffee world, I was more than happy to start my day with a cup of coffee and subsequently sip on multiple mugs of tea throughout the day to nurse my caffeine addiction. However, I recognize that most people in the coffee are siloed in their own specific world of caffeine without ever being exposed to the beauty and variety of tea or coffee.

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