• A bit of follow up...
  • Scott Carey
A bit of follow up...

A bit of follow up on the dosing video. We’ve been dosing/grooming using the vibrating deck for about two weeks now. We have found that it adds at least 2 seconds to the extraction window vs. non-vibrated extractions pulled to the same weight and at the same grind setting. We have also observed that the extraction ‘stream’ (using naked portafilters) comes together more regularly/evenly than does non-vibrated extractions. So this suggests we can use a slightly coarser grind and produce a shot with a different flavor profile than if we were to fine the grind or up-dose the basket for the same mass in the demi. We pulled this trick right out of the Modernist Cuisine Vol 4. The deck cost about $55 dollars. It adds a couple of seconds to each shot. It is not necessary in all instances or with all varietials and/or blends we have pulled but it is a nice tool to have in instances where it works well -another arrow in our quiver so to speak.

  • Scott Carey