A note of thanks.

Our 1-year anniversary is nearing. In honor of that milestone, December 1st, and as a play on Christmas advent calendars we’ll be launching a daily coffee blog for the entire month of December beginning, you guessed it, December 1st. It will contain announcements regarding new merchandise –like our new shirts (due in this Friday), apothecary bottles of barrel aged-slow brewed coffee, as well as, our own roasted whole bean coffees, after hours events, brew classes and the like. In addition, it will also capture some of our thoughts and our own brand of introspection on all things coffee. Before that begins, a note of thanks.

Thanks to everyone who came in over the last 12 months to check out the shop. Thanks to those of you who tried a little coffee, who trusted us to try something without sugar or cream. Thanks to the early adaptors, those curious few who came by in those lonely early weeks. Thanks to our regulars –those of you who we rely on to see daily and weekly. Thanks to customers who have since become friends. Thanks to everyone who shared a story with us, or let us see you regularly enough to witness a whole major life arc unfolding, like a birth, a new job, or a new life direction. Thanks for telling a friend, posting a tweet, instagram or otherwise passing on a good word about the shop. In short, thanks to everyone who supported us this year. Thanks for bringing character, warmth and a life force to Sump.

Thanks to all the wonderful roasters that trusted us to represent their beans this year. We’ve had some very special coffees in the shop this past year. Thanks in particular to Mark from Kuma.

Thanks to all the kick ass coffee and brewing equipment makers. In particular, thanks to Slayer for making an amazing and versatile espresso machine.  

Thanks to all the incredible and talented people that worked in the shop. It is true what they say about hiring people better than yourself. The shop would not be what it is today without those individuals.

Thanks to the muscle and backbone of the shop. Thanks to Mike (the ‘motorcycle guy’ in the back –he’s really back there I promise) and Marz.  Sump would not be possible without them. Thanks to Jeff, my brother, without him I’m not sure where I’d be, but for him I wouldn’t be in St. Louis.

Thanks to the builders. Thanks to Mwanzi and Richard Higby for building pieces for the shop this year -furniture as art.

Thanks to all the publications and blogs that wrote about the shop.

Thanks South City and St. Louis. Now come get some coffee!

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