Brunch. Sunday. March 24th

This Sunday is Brunch number 3 of 3. The menu is rockin’ (which will be posted later this week) and it has our coffee incorporated in some Kulture dishes. 

In an effort to improve yet further still on the flow that is the controlled chaos (kidding -there’s no control), we will be streamlining our coffee menu. This Sunday we will be celebrating a single microlot coffee from Colombia. In particular, we will be serving, on both the brew and espresso bars, a coffee from Pitalito, Huila from Finca El Limon by farmer German Gregorio Rojas. It’s 100% of the caturra varietal. Without being too generous -it rocks.

Below is a picture of Mr Rojas (courtesy of Cafe Imports). The green coffee is also courtesy (via a currency transaction) of Cafe Imports. Thanks Joe et al. 

Now, get thy self to Sunday Sump.


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