Announcing Monday Sump R&D hours. Starting Feb. 17th

Beginning February 17th, Sump will be open Mondays from 9:30 am to 2 pm for 6 six consecutive weeks.  It will be Sump, but not Sump. No espresso. No Slayer. Only experimental brews. The schedule and methods are as follows:

February 17th: Sump’s interpretation of Todd Carmichael’s winning brewer’s cup method. (For an overview see for example

February 24th: Steampunk only brews. 

March 3rd: All Aeropress brews.

March 10th: Clever brewers only.

March 17th: Sump’s interpretation of Matt Perger’s winning 2012 brewer’s cup V60 -sieving included. 

March 24th: Sump’s interpretation of Erin McCarthy’s winning 2013 brewer’s cup Kalita wave -sieving included.

Hope to see you out on a Monday. 

Also, we will be discontinuing Sump’s random (and poorly attended), extra morning hour on Thursdays, 8 am to 9 am, as of this week. Sorry to the handful of people who tried to make it work.

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