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This week’s release comes to us from the Insani AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies) processing station in Insani, Tanzania. Originally registered in 2001, The Insani AMCOS built its first processing unit in 2015. Much like Ethiopia, Tanzanian coffee is typically grown by many smaller farmers and processed at a central facility. This benefits the small farmers by eliminating the need for each farmer to also operate a processing facility and allows them to be paid upfront for their harvest. The downside to this system is an inability to track a specific lot to a specific farmer. In this case, the Insani AMCOS serves around 250 small farms across multiple villages including Mboji, Itaka, Hamwelo, and Isela. Tanzanian washed coffees are also processed differently than most washed coffees, seeing a 48-72 hour fermentation in mucilage prior to being fully washed and dried. They are sometimes soaked after washing for 8-12 hours prior to drying. In this cup, look for a fleeting sweetness reminiscent of clover honey and caramel followed by a bright citrus quality akin to red grapefruit with a lingering aftertaste. 

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