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NICARAGUA Regalo de Dios

NICARAGUA Regalo de Dios

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This is our second coffee offering from Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada and his farm Una Regalo de Dios (translated as ‘a gift from God’). Luis Alberto operates the farm and associated wet and dry mill with his son and daughters. He runs a very tight operation, obsessively focused on quality in producing washed, honeyed and natural processed coffees (and intentionally and expressly avoiding the more trendy processing methods of the moment like aerobics, exotic and adjunct co-fermentation).The cleanliness of his wet and dry mills exceed that of commercial kitchens I have been through. Unpulped cherries are held in containers that resemble large milk crates to provide the coffee with air on all sides before pulping them. A specialized machine is then utilized for rolling off the dried fruit pulp on natural processed coffees so as not to produce heat from friction during the process. Every detail of the operation is monitored by CCTV to ensure quality through each step in processing, from the fields, to the wet mill and drying patios, dry mill, and through to the final processing stages. In the cup look for notes of concord grape, port wine, and raspberry. 

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