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**NEW** MYANMAR Ga Naing Yar (Natural)

**NEW** MYANMAR Ga Naing Yar (Natural)

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This coffee represents a first for us. This is the first time we are able to share with you a coffee from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Coffee was introduced to Myanmar by British colonizers in the late 19th century and has recently seen a resurgence, with increased investment and attention given to its unique coffees. The coffees are primarily grown in the hilly regions of the country and in particular the Shan State (where this coffee originates from) and the southern part of the country. Specialty coffee production was traditionally low in Myanmar, until around 2014, when it was boosted by USAID and Winrock International investments, training producers on agronomy, market access and also business skills. This coffee is grown by villagers of Ga Naing Yar (meaning deep forest). The Ga Naing Yar village is made of 51 households who produce predominantly natural process coffee. Myanmar’s nascent coffee industry faces many challenges due to political instability, limited infrastructure, and limited access to international markets -as well as human rights issues. Please enjoy this special and unique coffee. In the cup look for notes of peach, strawberry, mint - hints of an earthy chocolate and black tea.

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