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MEXICO Linda Vista Loxicha

MEXICO Linda Vista Loxicha

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This coffee comes to us from Casimiro and his wife Reyna Petronila Luna. Their farm consists of 20 hectares just outside San Agustin Loxicha. Their older children support in both farm work and marketing, contributing agronomic knowledge learned in local courses. The older children have helped make some changes to the family’s processing, specifically cherry pulping and fermentation hours, in order to increase both quality and sustainability. An atypical fact about this particular farming family is that in the off-season, Casimiro Garcia and his family work as blacksmiths. Everything they do, they do as a family, supporting each other and bringing new knowledge to the table. In the cup look for notes of chocolate (a bit more cake-y or batter presentation), some dark cherry, a tree nut (perhaps almond) and a hint of a fudgy finish

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