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KENYA Karindundu AB // 12 oz

This coffee originates from the Karindundu washing station, which has about 400 member farmers; this makes it one of the smaller washing stations we have sourced coffees from. The washing station is part of the larger coffee archipelago located in the Nyeri region, which is quite famous for coffee. Nyeri is on the southwestern slope of Mount Kenya. Aside from the inflationary price impacts from the pandemic and broken supply and distribution networks, Kenya coffee has consistently, year over year, gone up in price. This is due primarily to climate change, population growth (and the associated sprawl) in Kenya, and declining coffee production from the region in general. For this coffee we took a particularly aggressive roast approach, which has resulted in a more complex, sweet and bright cup. However, this has left the bean very dense and hard. In the cup look for clear aromatics of tomato, on the tongue we found notes of sweet tomato, a general sugary sweetness to the cup, a hint of raspberry, and a cross between a red currant tea and a rooibos tea. We hope you enjoy the coffee and the slightly different roasting approach. We still recommend brewing ratios of 1 g of coffee to 15 ml of water, and brew times (depending on the device and grind setting) between 3 and 5 minutes.