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HONDURAS Manzanitas (Natural) // 2 lb

From early childhood Edgardo learned to work with coffee under his father. Upon completing school he asked his father for a plot of land to plant coffee and that is how he started his own farm. In 2006 his father sold his entire farm to him. In 2009 he participated in his first Cup of Excellence competition, although he was eliminated early, he became determined to improve the quality of his crop and return to the competition. The next year he placed 3rd and used the money from reaching the podium to improve his farm and wet mill. In 2011 he won 1st place in the Cup of Excellence competition. The money from the sale of the winning lot was used to further improve his farm including building a house and a road to the farm. His goals for the future include more upgrades to his farm and wet mill as well as planting new coffee varieties. In the cup look for notes of plum, dark fruit, grape, raspberry and hints of earthy notes. If you grind the coffee a little coarser you find more tartness, more of the raspberry; whereas grinding it a litter finer will produce more of the darker fruit notes. As always, we recommend a ratio of 1g to 15 ml.