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**LAST CHANCE** HONDURAS Finca Flor De Cafe // 12 oz

This coffee was grown by Claudio Lenin Madrid Villanueva on his 6 hectare farm in El Sauce, Honduras. El Sauce is approximately in the middle of the country, and more specifically at a midpoint in the country between the Pacific Ocean side and the Atlantic Ocean side. Don Villanueva is one of those individuals that is obsessed with his work, he eats and breathes coffee. He is continually striving to improve his production to produce exceptional specialty coffees and provide a respectable and comfortable life for his family. He has been in the specialty coffee growing game since 2006. As with all of our Honduran coffee lots this year this is a product of the San Vicente Mill (our importing partner’s Honduran exporting partner) which we visited in 2018. This is a very approachable coffee. In the cup look for notes of Red Apple (sort of a baked or stewed version), Black Tea, and Lemon Meringue. This lot also represents our last lot of Honduran coffee for the year.