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**NEW** COSTA RICA El Beneficio

**NEW** COSTA RICA El Beneficio

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This yellow honey processed coffee is produced in San Marco, Tarrazu. The Bonilla family are producers and operate a wet mill called Don Mayo. Although this offering is not a Cup of Excellence winner, the family is a multi-year COE producer. In the industry there are four commonly understood types of honey processing; which are white, yellow, red and black. These colors relate to the amount of ‘mucilage’ (some amount of the cherry fruit peel) left on the seed after pulping and washing the coffee. White honey coffee has the smallest amount of mucilage and black honey has the greatest amount. In brief, the cherries are pulped (mechanically squeezed) to pinch and separate the coffee seeds (beans) from the fruit flesh (pulp). The seeds retain a small amount of fruit flesh surrounding them, called mucilage. This combination of seed+mucilage is then soaked in a water bath to ferment. A fully washed coffee has the mucilage fully fermented off the seed before drying, honey processed coffees have their mucilage only partially fermented off (the degree to which determines the color nomenclature) before drying. The small amount of mucilage contains fruit sugars that impact the final cup, thus the name Honey Processed (technically mucilage processed). In the cup look for impressions of clover honey, cherry, cola, mint, and strawberry. It possesses a full body and pronounced overall sweetness.

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