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CONGO Umoja // 2 lb

Umoja is Swahili for “Solidarity”. Umoja coffees grow in South Kivu and are a product of the hard work of over 11,600 member farms. This is a Certified Fair Trade and Organic coffee. For many of the members of the cooperative, coffee is the key source of income and helps promote the rights for marginalized groups within the region. A woman named Victorina is an example of one of the farmers who contribute to Umoja. Because of her relationship with the Tsneya cooperative, one of the contributing washing stations of Umoja, she was able to build a house and purchase clothes for her family This affords her personal security because she does not have to travel to find a buyer for her coffee, which would otherwise place her at risk of physical attacks. In addition, Victorina is able to pay for her children’s school fees as well as purchase her own coffee fields. This coffee relationship came to us via one of our most dearest friends and equipment vendors, Ground Control, who are reinventing ‘filter’ coffee. In the cup, look for notes of purple grape, fresh cut tobacco, starfruit, with hints of oolong tea.