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**NEW** COLOMBIA Juan Ortiz

**NEW** COLOMBIA Juan Ortiz

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This coffee is from producer Juan Francisco Alfanso Ortiz Suarez. It was grown between 1950 to 2000 meters above sea level and consists of Castillo and Colombia varietals. Don Juan’s farm is called La Paz, translated to English as The Peace. The farm is in the Chachagui municipality within the Narino department (similar to a state from a US perspective). This coffee is the result of an extended fermentation or long fermentation process. Long fermentation as a technique is a pretty large catch all family of techniques and covers any form of ‘nonstandard’ length fermentations. In this case the coffee was fermented in the coffee cherries for 48 hours, then pulped and fermented in a (water) tank for 48 hours; then dried for 15 days in a parabolic hothouse like structure then finished in a mechanical dryer (think big clothes dryer) for 12 hours. In the cup look for notes of essential citrus oils, like mandarin, dried edible flowers like orchids and pansies, a bit of a black tea finish. 

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