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**SUMP LIMITED SERIES** MEXICO Finca La Estancia (Lot 1) // **100 g**


Please note this coffee is Net Wt. 100g

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Flavor Profile: Plum, Umami, Syrupy

Marco Antonio Cadena Solis is the owner of Finca Estancia, a moderately large farm of over 80 acres, located near Atoyac de Alvarez. Approximately half the farm is planted in shade, covered by tropical rainforest flora. For this lot Marco harvested ripe cherries and stored them in sealed tanks without any water for an average of 92 to 120 hours. Afterwards the coffees are transferred to a patio and sun dried, as a classic natural process, for a period of 17 to 20 days. The cherries are moved and rotated daily to promote even drying.

As with all the limited series, the flavor profile is distinctive, with lots of fruit complexity, a big syrupy body, with lots of curious umami flavor.