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KENYA Karindundu AB

KENYA Karindundu AB

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This coffee was sourced through Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Within this producing region is a large open-air market. There are 400+ farmers that contribute coffee cherries to this co-op/factory. If you look around the web to see how other roasteries are interpreting this coffee, the predominant cup note is juicy. This is a very juicy finishing coffee. We took a light roast approach and through our lens we arrived at red plum and Merlot grape (typically experienced as red plum, raspberry and tea leaves). The cup has a sustained juicy and tart finish that lingers long after the cup is finished. There are small hints of tart and sweet tomato too, which give the cup a well rounded umami note. We can recommend this for all brewing applications, including espresso (just be careful with the addition of milk as the tartness can be aggressive with milk and tip the cup to buttermilk impressions). For filter, a slighter finer grind setting, so medium fine (again on our grinder for dialing in, we set it at 6.10 (on a scale of 1 to 17 (17 being coarsest)). Brew times around 3 minutes with a 1:15 brew ratio (using the most current in vogue pulse brewing techniques). Thanks for trusting us with your coffee routine.

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