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**NEW** KENYA Karatu AB

**NEW** KENYA Karatu AB

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For the third year in a row we welcome back the Kenya Karatu. This coffee takes it’s name from the coffee mill (or factory) that processes the harvested coffee cherries. The Karatu Factory serves many coffee cooperatives in the area. In particular, this coffee is from the Gitwe cooperative society of farmers which consists of approximately 900 members and serves mainly farmers from the Thika Village. The Thika Village is 50 km north-east of Nairobi and a couple hours south of Mount Kenya. In the cup look for notes of stone fruit, brown sugar and cacao nib. For a v60 recipe, try a medium to medium-coarse grind. Start with a 1g coffee to 15g water brewing ratio. We recommend the 4-to-6 brewing method developed by Tetsu Kasuya. To achieve the 4-to-6 method, apply 40% of the total brew water to the ground coffee in the first two pours, and the remaining 60% across 3 to 6 pours/pulses depending on desired extraction strength, mouthfeel, and body. Typically more pulses produces more mouthfeel or body and it also tamps down some of the brightness. This year’s crop presents more classic flavor notes typical of Kenyan coffee - fruit and darker sugar notes, with a hint of savory tomato character. Thank you and please enjoy.

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