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Kenya Gathaithi AB // 2 lbs


We are happy to present to you for the third year in a row, this fresh crop coffee from the Gathaithi cooperative in Nyeri Kenya. The cooperative collects ripe coffee cherries for washing and milling and serves about 1200 to 1500 small farms. Coffee farms associated with this cooperative date back to the 1950s, the likely start of coffee farming in this subregion. Most farms are small in size and produce additional agricultural products beyond coffee, like maze and bananas. The AB designation refers to the size (the screen hole size used to sort the green coffee) of the coffee and not the quality or the cup’s score or other cup attributes. AB means that the green coffee passing through an A screen (6.8 mm hole size) and B screen (6.2 mm hole size) are combined. In the cup look for notes of red fruit, cranberry (spices typically seen this time of year in drinks and dishes) with a sugary and tart finish. This is a big red fruit forward cup with a very clear and present amount of sweetness. We hope you enjoy this year’s Gathaithi.