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**NEW** HONDURAS Nelin Guzman (honey process)

**NEW** HONDURAS Nelin Guzman (honey process)

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Located in Santa Barbara, near El Cielito in Honduras, this coffee is grown by lifelong coffee farmer Nelin Guzman. Nelin’s father purchased a coffee farm the same year Nelin was born. Some of Nelin’s earliest memories are of tending to the coffee trees, such as fertilizing the trees and drying coffee during harvest. When he turned 20, his father gave him 2 hectares (about 4 acres) of land and he began what has been a lifelong vocation. This coffee is honey processed, meaning the cherries are picked at peak of ripeness, then pulped (the fruit flesh is separated from the coffee seed (bean)) and instead of immediately ‘washed’ to remove the remaining mucilage, the coffee with the residual fruit is then dried on an elevated bed until a certain moisture percentage is achieved. By setting the distance between the rollers of the pulping machine, it will determine how much fruit (honey, or fruit sugar) flesh remains on the beans and thus how ‘natural’ like or ‘washed’ like the resultant cup will be upon roasting. In the cup look for notes of white grapefruit, lime and wildflower honey.  

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