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**NEW** HONDURAS La Cañera // 2 lbs


This coffee comes to us from Doña Teodocia. She planted her farm with coffee trees in 2007. The farm produced good yields for a number of years. However, in 2011, Honduras was hit with a very bad outbreak of Roya (also known as leaf rust), a disease that kills the leaves of the plant. The Roya outbreak completely destroyed her farm. Doña Teodocia had to start all over again from zero. Little by little she replanted her entire farm. She planted the farm with quality varieties (both for their disease resistance characteristics and varieties aimed at the specialty coffee market to capture some of the pricing the specialty market can generate). In 2016, her nephew, Miguel Moreno, explained to her how he was succeeding in growing specialty coffee and encouraged her to prepare a specialty coffee crop. Since 2016 she has been able to produce micro-lots of specialty coffee and export it to the US thanks to the support of the San Vicente Mill (our importing partner’s Honduran exporting partner). In the cup look for impressions of chocolate, raspberry, and walnut. This is a delicious coffee and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.