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This approachable coffee comes to us from the dry mill project out of Bella Vista and grown in the San Jacinto region which is located in San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango and historically consists of three small producers: Jacinto Pérez Sánchez, Francisco Pérez Sánchez and Rudy Pérez Sánchez. The elevation of the area encompassing San Jacinto starts at 1650 and ends at 1700 masl. Varieties in this area consist of primarily Bourbon (70%), with the remaining 30% consisting of a mixture of Caturra and Pache. These producers see a late harvest due to the altitude of the region. This coffee comes to us through our importing partner Bend Coffee, who works with Bella Vista and Olam. For brewing, use a medium-fine grind setting (we used a 7.1 on a 16 point dial with conical burrs) and 1:15 to 1:15.5 coffee to water ratio. The body of this cup is fairly full in comparison to last week’s Haro from Ethiopia. The finish is long and lingering. As with most of our current brewing recipes, we recommend the brew water be broken up into several pulses (at least 5 to 6), pausing between pulses for 10 to 15 seconds and riding the bloom line throughout. In the cup look for notes of green apple and brown sugar transiting to toffee, an overall sweet and tart cup

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