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Guatemala Canoguitas // 2 lbs


This coffee is from the Canoguitas family and their adjacent friends and neighbors in the Ixban area of San Jacinto in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This is the second year in a row that we are able to share with you this coffee. Around 6 years ago now, Luis Pedro Zelaya Zemora of Bella Vista mill started projects in communities around Huehuetenango to purchase parchment (the washed coffee with its outer fruit layers removed, but for a remaining thin silvery skin -the parchment) directly from small producers and get them in the hands of those who will truly appreciate (Sump’s roaster’s choice subscribers) the amazing microlots that were coming out of small villages. Canoguitas is named after the Canoguitas family that grows and contributes much of the coffee in this small producers’ blend. In the cup look for notes of green grape, salty pear, and green apple; which all come together to produce a tart and juicy cup with a mid-weight body. If you recall from last year’s harvest, that cup was a bit more developed fruit, such as plum, dark grape, and nutmeg.