Ethiopia Suke Quto // Organic and Rainforest Certified // 2 lbs

This Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee comes to us from the Guji Highlands of Ethiopia. Grown on and around the Suke Quto farm and the Suke Quto washing station. Production on the Suke Quto farm is overseen by Tesfaye Bekele, the farm’s owner and founder. Mr. Bekele does not consider himself a coffee farmer because ‘coffee is everything to [him]. All [his] time and energy are placed into the beans that [he] harvest[s] and process[es].” Mr. Bekele is very environmentally and community minded. He not only focuses on environmentally friendly coffees, but has initiated community projects such as partnering with roasters to build schools and push for neighboring farmers to get a living income from sustainable coffee production. In the cup you’ll find notes of Meyer lemon, elderflower, a hint of a tangy Sunny D like note, with a juiciness as the cup cools. The cup is a bit more expressive at a finer grind setting when brewing for drip or filter coffee.