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Ethiopia Shantawene (Natural) // 2 lbs


This coffee comes to us from the washing stations in the Shantwaene region of the Sidamo zone of Ethiopia (also known as Sidama). Sidamo is located in the southern part of Ethiopia, bordering Kenya and Somalia. The population of the region is somewhere between 3.5 and 4 million people. The Sidamo region has a great many coffee farms. The coffee farms in the region have their own unique (heirloom) varieties, mostly grown on small pieces of land which are then sold to the regional washing stations. This is the sibling lot to the washed Shantawene we had earlier in the year. The coffee cherries that make up this lot were picked at the peak of their ripeness and then sun dried on raised patio beds over several weeks, all the while the cherries are regularly turned over on the beds. At night the cherries are racked into a pile and covered at night to protect them from moisture and animals. This is a very clean cup for a natural processed coffee (you could be persuaded that it was a washed coffee, the cup is so clean tasting) with notes of tropical fruits, Meyer lemon, hints of pineapple, blood orange and a soft juicy sweetness with a long finish. This coffee benefits from a medium-coarse grind, with a 1 to 15 coffee to water ratio and a bit of agitation during the bloom and/or a slightly longer brew time, perhaps 15 to 20 seconds longer than typical coffees. Thank you.