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**NEW** ETHIOPIA Haro Welabu

**NEW** ETHIOPIA Haro Welabu

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This fully organic, naturally processed coffee hits our line at the perfect time of year. September starts to see cooler mornings and evenings contrasted by big, bright sunny days in the middle. The impressions found in this cup are sweet and floral with a notable presence of small dark berries (black currant) and a heady, perfumey resonance mid-nasal cavity. Our experience with this coffee is that it benefits from a few days of aging - approximately 5 days off roast. This is another coffee that benefits from not grinding too fine. Our grind setting is medium-fine (7.1 on a 17 point scale, conical burrs), with a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:15 and a brew time ranging from 3:15 to 3:30 minutes using a pulse pour method. We say that this coffee hits us at the right time of year because it almost sits refreshingly and juicy on the tongue, similar to a fruit or floral infused ice tea. This is at least the second year we have welcomed coffee from this co-op, with last year’s offering being a small anaerobically fermented green lot. We believe this year’s offering is a sweeter, more balanced presentation of what this producing region has to offer. We hope you enjoy this coffee.

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