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This coffee comes to us from producers near Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. What resonates with me about the story of this coffee is what one of the members said about the role of coffee in the region. “Coffee is a respected crop in the area where I came to live. The community uses coffee as food in rituals and ceremonies, and also as an instrument to bless traditional leaders.” This stood out to me because coffee is believed to be only indigenous to Ethiopia, spreading throughout the world mainly (and initially) through colonialism. Coffee is obviously very special to us and to hear first-hand that it has a history and purpose beyond simple commerce makes treating it with care all the more important. With all that said, there have been many changes occurring in Ethiopia around coffee. An increase in global demand has put additional pressure on producers, while some of the warmest years on record have presented challenges in meeting that demand. This is a very thoughtful cup and despite its natural processing, won’t blow out your palate with bold, funky flavors. It instead starts soft and subtle, only revealing its full character significantly off its brew temperature. In the cup look for very soft aromatics, rich floral sweetness, hints of honey (making the cup very smooth and pleasantly sweet), and small teases of lime and melon rind. We ground this on a 7.3 on a scale to 16.11, using a 1:15 ratio with a brew time of about 3:15, a bloom of 2:1, using six evenly spaced and dosed pluses of water. Enjoy exploring this coffee!

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