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**NEW** ETHIOPIA Chelchele

**NEW** ETHIOPIA Chelchele

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This coffee comes from the Chelchele washing station in the Yirgacheffe region. Chelchele coffees tend to have a nice backbone of sweetness reminiscent of toffee and/or soft nuts like almond, with a floral and citrus overtone. This washing station serves many producers who deliver coffee in cherries throughout the harvest season: The blending of these cherries into day lots makes it virtually impossible under normal circumstances to know precisely who’s coffee fills which bags on what day, making traceability to the producer difficult. Typically farmers in this region don’t have access to and therefore do not utilize fertilizers or pesticides in the production of coffee. Thus, while not being officially certified by a third party organization as organic, this coffee fits all the necessary criteria to obtain such a certification. This is a mild Yirgacheffe that’s light on big fruit or berry notes and rather leans toward a persistent sweetness throughout the cup not dissimilar to toffee. Light notes of Meyer lemon act to cleanse the palate while a soft floral persistence in the aromatics presents hints of black tea and bergamot. We recommend experiencing this coffee via V60 (or similar filter devices) or aeropress (for the aeropress we recommend a water temperature of 185F). Thank you and we hope you enjoy.

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