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**LAST CHANCE** ETHIOPIA Buleye (Natural) // 2 lbs


This coffee comes to us from the Hambela region within the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. The processing on this coffee is natural or sun dried; but it is a very clean processing and the natural characteristics of the cup are very reserved, presenting more like a honey processed coffee than a full sun dried natural. Because of the cup’s very clean and subtle natural characteristics we leaned into the washing station name versus the more burnished Hambela region name. In the cup look for notes of melon, banana, guava, some citrus zest, and a dry sweet tart-like finish. We took a number of approaches with this coffee and found that a slightly coarser grind than the approach we use for most of our coffees really helped present the notes of the cup more clearly. So for example, if we usually say use a setting of 12.4, going to 12.8 to maybe 13 helped open up the perceivable facets of the cup. You could achieve the same result by loosening the ratio (coffee to water) from our typical 1:15 to something like 1:15.5 or 1:16 while maintaining your most favored grinder settings.