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**NEW** ETHIOPIA Arbegona

**NEW** ETHIOPIA Arbegona

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Sitting at 2200 meters above sea level, Arbegona is one of the highest coffee-growing towns in Ethiopia. Coffees grown in the region are slow-growing, with the average screen size of the seeds vastly smaller than others in the country. This exceedingly high elevation, combined with careful attention to picking and agronomy, leads to wonderfully vibrant cup profiles. This specific lot comes to us by way of Alo Coffee. Alo Coffee is a producer and exporter of specialty coffee from Ethiopia. The farmer/owner is Tamiru Tadesse. Tamiru worked in coffee when he was a student at Addis Ababa University, but after finishing school, he decided to return to his hometown, Bensa, Sidama, to start farming coffee in 2021. In his first year as a farmer, he won the 2021 Ethiopian Cup of Excellence with a coffee that scored 96. Tamiru now owns several different farms in the Sidama region. This cup presents as sweet and approachable with a notable stonefruit presence on the finish. Those fruit notes take center stage as the cup cools, rounding out the experience.

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