El Salvador La Meseta // 2 lbs


This represents another first for us. This coffee is from a single origin, El Salvador, but it is a very unique lot because of how it is put together. The coffees we source typically are grown on small farms, then wet milled on those farms or on neighboring wet mills that support a community of farmers. These wet milled and partially dried coffees are then transported to coffee dry mills (bigger, industrial, expensive to own and operate) that continue the drying process as well as sort, grade and package the coffees for export. This La Meseta lot is created at the dry mill. During the sorting process, different size beans are sorted through different screen sizes. This can be done for single estate lots, micro regions, or for the entire region served by a particular dry mill. This coffee you have before you, is produced using a size 14 screen, the smallest screen used in sorting coffee. The majority of the beans of this size are peaberries. Thus, this production method of coffee from this dry mill is called Peebies -meaning mostly peaberries. In the cup look for notes of carmel, toffee, and a slight hint of dry orange. This is a great choice for a daily morning drinker, and will handle milks and sweeteners of all types without getting lost or run over flavor-wise. Please enjoy this unique offering.