10th Anniversary: Mexico Natural (8 oz.)


Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us! We have a trio collection of gift sets and coffees featuring one of three very special small lots of coffee from last year's Cup of Excellence winner, Pepe Arguello. Finca Santa Cruz is operated by Pepe Arguello, whose father was also a well-known coffee producer. Finca Santa Cruz is located in the State of Chiapas in the municipality of La Concordia on the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. Mr. Arguello’s farming practices reflect his desire for a more precise, agronomically advanced and conservation focused approach. He harvests ripe coffee cherries according to Brix (sugar content) and his fermentation process is done according to pH targets. He generally seeks experimentation, knowledge base growth and collaboration. Finca Santa Cruz is approximately 60 hectares (which is small, but larger than most regional producer lots we source). 

This is an 8 oz. bag of our Mexico Finca Santa Cruz Natural. Natural processing involves drying coffee cherries whole, beans (seeds) and the fruit of the cherries intact on either patios or raised beds in the sun. To prevent spoilage, the whole cherries are turned throughout the day and then covered at night or during wet weather. After the cherries have been dried, they are sent to mills to separate the seeds from the dried fruit. With this coffee expect notes of green apple, jolly rancher, and candied sweetness.