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La Virgen is grown within the department of Huila near the town of Guadalupe, formally known as the Virgin of Guadalupe. The collection of farms (approx. 100) in La Virgen produce 1000 70 kg bags per year, across two annual harvests. The main harvest is April-June, and a small harvest occurs in October-January. La Virgen is able to produce two harvests per year because they are so close to the equator. We contract into both yearly harvests allowing us to offer a fresh crop of this coffee year round. This week’s subscription represents the arrival of the current fresh crop from La Virgen, from their October-January harvest. (It takes months after a harvest is complete to mill, process and ship.) The coffees sourced from La Virgen are graded depending on their cup quality and scores; and the grades break down as follows, commodity grade (lowest grade), A, AA, AAA and microlots. AAA are the highest scoring coffee lots but are not always available, some harvest seasons see no AAA lots as they do not meet the quality/scoring criteria. Single A is the lowest level of the specialty grade coffee (scoring above 80 points, but remaining in the low 80s). Microlots are small lots that the mill or the buyer decides is worth separating from the bulk of the harvest, but are not necessarily the highest scoring, and instead are called out because they represent a unique variety or just an interesting cup that merits highlighting.  Look for notes honey, milk chocolate and cherry.

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