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This week’s coffee is from La Joya, which is the name of Yermy Pedraza’s farm located at 1950 masl in the municipality of Chachagui, Nariño. The municipality of Chachagui was originally called Chabchabi which translates to “good water”. As the name might suggest, the farm has a stream running through which is a crucial resource for farming. Nariño is located in the far south-west of Colombia bordering Ecuador and is one of the most challenging and simultaneously most interesting places to grow coffee. Said coffee grows up to 2200 masl, often on the steep hillsides of tiny farms in very remote areas.This is a fairly big and obvious (flavor-wise) natural processed coffee. It produces a cup with lots of ripe fruit impressions, leading with plum and strawberry. The fermentation process is present, but not heavy-handed. Additionally cup impressions include lemon, milk chocolate and mild tree nuts, perhaps hazelnut or cashew. Please enjoy. We think that this coffee is a bit easier to extract and can handle a variety of brew methods and brew ratios (hot or cold, 1:14 up to 1:16). This makes it a bit more of a playful coffee with many great cup facings. 

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