*Sump Reserve* Yemen Sana'a (8 oz)


Mocha Haimi is grown in two districts within the Sana’a region. It is so arid in Yemen that only a small percentage of its landmass is suitable for agriculture. Sana’a is one of the oldest continuously populated cities and the largest producer of coffee relative to the other coffee regions in Yemen. We have been able to bring in small lots of Yemen coffee over the years. Unfortunately due to political instability, an ongoing civil war, and more than half the population of Yemen without reliable sources of food and water; coffee production has plummeted from 65,000 tons in the 1050s to roughly 9,000 tons at present. Yemen is in a very rough place in the 21st century.

A bit about the coffee before you. It is the product of 97 producers grown at elevations of 1000 to 2000 masl. The varieties are Dawaeri and Tuffahi. It is a clean and slight sundried natural, drying approximately 1 to 2 weeks on rooftops. This coffee presents with notes of graham and spiced grape. This is a beautiful coffee and we feel lucky to be able to source it in light of everything that Yemen is weathering. Although very special, this coffee is not the red haraaz from years past, it is its own thing -the Mocha Haimi.