*Sump Reserve* Ecuador Terrazas del Pisque (8 oz)


This coffee comes to us from Arnaud Causse. He spent several years in El Salvador as a coffee agronomost. About 20 years ago he brought his seed stock of Caturra, Pacas, Bourbon Tekisic, Pacamara, and Java to Ecuador. In 2013 he began a project farm just north of Quito named La Lolita, where he grows five different coffee varieties which make up Terrazas del Pisque -- of the five, we have a Bourbon, Sidra (natural) and Caturra.

The bourbon is the first release and is a washed anaerobic maceration process. This fermentation can create bright, crisp, and clean coffee unlike a natural anaerobic process (like that of the Ethiopia Haro Welabu) which brings out more of the sweet and fruity notes. IN the cup you should find notes of red apple, pie crust, and cherry.