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KENYA Handege AA // 2 lb

This AA lot was produced by smallholder farmers (~500+) at the Handege Coop. The name “Handege” is derived from Ndege, the Swahili word for airplane or bird. The Handege Coop is very near Nairobi and, as a result, urbanization around Nairobi poses many risks to the future of coffee production in the region. With the expansion of the Thika Superhighway (part of China’s ‘belt and road initiative’) and other infrastructure projects, it becomes easier and easier to set up businesses (and homes) on the outskirts of Nairobi, creating sprawl. The highway construction has led to an explosion of the real estate market. Such urban expansion has already eaten away at many of Kenya’s larger coffee plantations: many of the oldest and largest are now housing developments. All this is to say, drink it while you got it; ‘cuz this coop and farms it supports might not be around much longer. In the cup look for notes of warm cranberry, deep dark molasses and turbinado sugar, with hints of blood orange to a gooseberry suggestion.