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Guatemala Jolimex // 2 lb

This coffee is a washed processed coffee from the San Pedro Necta region of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. The coffee is one of our less fruit forward coffees with reduced brightness. The cup characteristics are predominantly milk chocolate and salted caramel. The cup is mid-bodied with a nice soft lingering sweetness on the retronasal olfaction. I find that the cup benefits from a slight coarsening of the grind, nothing drastic but a mild opening of your grinder (with still a 1:15 ratio). At the time of this writing, the coffee varietal listing has not caught up with this release. The Jolimex is sourced from a very small set of farmers, in years past it has been as few as 3 farmers. To try something different this week, included is a link to a youtube video for San Pedro Necta. As always, enjoy and thank you.