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ETHIOPIA Mulish (Natural) // 2 lbs

This coffee comes from a region relatively new to the commercial agriculture production of coffee. Until about 20 years ago, this region was off limits to all but a select few of Ethiopians (limited to only existing residents). It is a mineral rich region, with fertile forests in abundance. In the past, to travel into this region, even for a citizen of Ethiopia, you had to have a permit issued by the government. (And there are even stories of people leaving the region being patted down to make sure they were not leaving the region with any precious metals.) The region has since begun to open up and has started to receive an influx of people who have taken up farming of various agricultural products, including cattle farming, along with coffee. This coffee is collected at the Mulish washing station, which aggregates fresh coffee cherries from about 900 small farmers in the region. This coffee is a natural processed coffee. However, it is a very clean (meaning not fermenty and funky or minerally) cup with notes of dry blueberries, blood orange, and maple, with citrus botanicals. As we ourselves explore this coffee more for filter brewing, we are preferring a slightly coarser grind setting, still with a ratio of 1 to 15 and still with our preference of conical brew devices.