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**LAST CHANCE** ETHIOPIA Halo Hartume // 2 lbs


This coffee is from the washing station at Halo Hartume. The washing station is only accessible by a dry weather road and albeit impassable during rain storms. The station sits in the valley of the Halo Hartume hills, on which the coffee is grown. The Mijane family operates the washing station. The Mijane family has worked for several years to create more traceability for coffees produced in the Gedeb region (the common name for the wider region in which this coffee is produced); and due to recent legislative changes, the family is now able to keep coffees produced at this washing station separate from the larger Yirgacheffe coffee diaspora. Ato Mijane, the patriarch of the family, operates several washing stations in the Gedeb region and has recently assigned one of his sons with sole responsibility for the Halo Hartume washing station. In the cup look for notes of Honeysuckle, Lemon, Oak, Butterscotch (hinted at), and a nice silky body and well defined sweetness.