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Honduras Jose Claudio Perez // 2 lbs


This coffee was grown near the village of Caona in San Andres, Honduras on a farm named Congolon. This farm is 10 hectares, of which 4.2 are planted with coffee. The remainder of the farm grows corn and beans. Mr. Perez was born in 1988 and he was inspired, in part, to have his own coffee farm as an adult because his father had a coffee farm when Mr. Perez was a child and on which he worked and learned about coffee production. Part of Mr. Perez’ current farm was an inheritance from his father in 2010. This is the first year preparing mircolots for specialty coffee. His short and long term goals include adding to his farm to increase his coffee production and include good varieties like Pacas and Geishas. This is a washed processed coffee. Look for notes of darker dried fruits, like raisin and prune. The cup maintains a pretty syrupy body throughout with a nice bright maleic acidity to a pleasant tartness, coupled with a great sweet finish.