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GUATEMALA Nima // 2 lbs


The Bella Vista mill coffee project, founded by Luis Pedro Zelaya Zemora, purchases parchment coffees directly from small producers in communities around Huehuetenango. We brought in 3 coffees from this mill this year, those being Jolimex, Canoguitas and this coffee, Nima. Parchment coffee results from washing all the fruit of the coffee cherry off the coffee bean (seed) except for parchment. Parchment coffee is the immediate step before drying and thus obtaining the green coffee. The Nima lot is composed of lots from several very small producers in the Nima municipality. Nima is a municipality in the San Pedro Necta region of Huehuetenango. In the cup we perceived an impression of a dry grape, raisin, cinnamon toast and slight suggestion of a pink cotton candy. This coffee would work well as your daily morning drinker as an espresso or filter, with adjuncts like milks or sweeteners. Coarsening the grind setting slightly for filter will soften the cup.