Ethiopia Gora Kone Natural // 12 oz

This natural processed coffee comes to us from the Gora Kone washing station. If Gora Kone sounds familiar, it should because earlier this year we shared with you a washed lot from the same washing station. Natural processed coffees typically arrive 4 to 8 weeks after their washed counterparts due to the additional processing time required. The Gora Kone station is located near the Nensebo river, in a fairly remote and difficult to reach b car area. The region is not a well known coffee growing archipelago, like Yirgecheffe or Guji, but yields a cup with a profile similar to coffees grown in the Sidamo region, and as a result is often labeled as such. The washing station supports between 700 to 800 small farms, averaging 3 hectares or less. In the cup look for notes of guava, lavender, star fruit with hints of passion fruit, buttery toffee. This coffee would make an excellent filter, french press, cold brew, and would also be a good fit for espresso.