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HONDURAS Carlos Madrid

HONDURAS Carlos Madrid

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This coffee is produced by Carlos Madrid on his farm, El Danto -the Tapir, which inhabits the forests of San Barbara, San Luis Planes region where the farm is located. The farm is about 18 acres, which is a fair size. He grew up on the farm. His mother inherited the land from her father. Since title of the farm passed to him he has focused, with the help of his uncles, on cultivating and harvesting the Parainema variety of coffee, which has fairly good leaf rust resistance (a disease that strips the leaves off the coffee shrubs and increasingly prevalent as climates shift). This coffee would work at all levels of coffee expression, espresso, filter, french press and cold brew. It is not overly bright, has a nice soft note of seed bitter to anchor the cup, with very pleasant notes of green grape, maple and powdered sugar throughout. We find that despite the lower elevation, the cup seems to benefit (as filter) from a medium coarse grind. We have found grinding it slightly coarser balances the notes of the cup. Sharing our interpretations of coffees with you always leaves me feeling slightly vulnerable. I hope you enjoy where we locked in the expression of this cup.

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