10th Anniversary: Mexico Maragogype and Mug Set


Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with us! We have a trio collection of gift sets featuring one of three very special small lots of coffee from last year's Cup of Excellence winner, Pepe Arguello. Finca Santa Cruz is operated by Pepe Arguello, whose father was also a well-known coffee producer. Finca Santa Cruz is located in the State of Chiapas in the municipality of La Concordia on the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. Mr. Arguello’s farming practices reflect his desire for a more precise, agronomically advanced and conservation focused approach. He harvests ripe coffee cherries according to Brix (sugar content) and his fermentation process is done according to pH targets. He generally seeks experimentation, knowledge base growth and collaboration. Finca Santa Cruz is approximately 60 hectares (which is small, but larger than most regional producer lots we source). 

This set features an 8 oz. bag of our Mexico Finca Santa Cruz Maragogype. This is a very large bean that produces a good quality cup. The tree yields a low number of cherries and is susceptible to leaf rust. Because of the low yield and susceptibility, it is not grown in as large numbers as, say, in the 1980s or prior. It is one of the parents of the pacamara variety -- the -mara part. For this particular cup, look for earthy notes, tobacco leaf, and nougat.

To enjoy your Maragogype on-the-go, we’ve included a Fellow Carter Travel Mug. This set will also include a Portafilter enamel pin, our new Anniversary Skeleton King Card sticker, our classic Spade Sticker  and a recipe card for our tips for brewing this coffee at home. I

f you’re giving this set as a gift, we’re including a note card for you to personalize. Sending it directly to them? We’ll be happy to include a hand-written message on the card for you, just leave your message in the notes at checkout!